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Mixing Claytons and the Caribbean…
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Armstrong Agencies Ltd was established in November1, 1993. Armstrong Agencies Ltd is a Barbados based company offering a full import, wholesale, distribution and marketing service in Barbados and some of the Caribbean islands. Armstrong Agencies Ltd is also able to offer transshipment to other Caribbean islands. The well trained staff brings decades of experience, expertise and dedication to the company. Armstrong Agencies Ltd imports from a wide international clientele, distributing to all retail outlets. The clientele includes retail outlets such as supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores as well as institutions, medical centers restaurants and bars. Armstrong Agencies Ltd liaises with advertising companies, sampling companies, the media to ensure that brands are effectively marketed. AAL operates four sales teams
one for pharmaceuticals, three for food and beverage. Armstrong Agencies Ltd manufactures Claytons Kola Tonic. Claytons Kola Tonic is an exotic, Caribbean made tonic, originally created by the Claytons brothers in Batterseam London England circa 1880. Now made in Barbados and distributed around the world, Claytons has retained the mystical allure for well over 100 years. Claytons Kola Tonic is a refreshing, invigorating drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations or all by itself.

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