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You are ready to move your life and your career to the next level.
Join us at Barbados Community College (BCC) and take control of your destiny!
Since 1968, BCC has been helping secondary graduates and older adults to build their careers. It’s only at BCC that you have an alphabet of possibilities for tertiary study in Barbados:
Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Business Studies, Building and Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Culinary Arts, Dance, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Health, Fashion, Government, Hospitality … Management, Maths, Music, Nursing, Office Administration, Physical Education, Politics... Technology, Theatre, Tourism and more!
BCC also offers courses for life-long learning and credits for your continuing professional development.
BCC has partnered in producing successful accountants and artists, bankers, chefs, dancers, dentists and doctors, lawyers and linguists, priests and politicians, teachers and technicians and thousands more who have powered the development of Barbados.

You are our next success story!
BCC collaborates with local and international educational institutions and agencies to secure study exchange opportunities in the USA and Canada and also arranges internship for work-based experience locally and internationally. BCC provides an experience for your total development.
At BCC, we promise an unforgettable journey on your way to Destination Success.
Peter Wickhama noted political consultant, who attended BCC from 1985 to 1987, stated that BCC provided him a more varied curriculum than available at other educational institutions. He stated: “This was provided in an environment designed to promote maturity
an essential educational ingredient. I recommend BCC highly to both young and old adults who want to enhance their education”.

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