Barbados Institute Of Management & Productivity

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The Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) continues to be a sustained resource engine known for the provision of superior management, and computer training programmes, research & consulting services. For more than 40 years, BIMAP has responded positively to the rapidly changing business environment both locally and regionally by offering a more dynamic mix of training and consulting that caters to the improvement of workplace performance. There is at least one BIMAP graduate in each Major Corporation or small enterprise in Barbados. BIMAPís programmes are designed to meet the needs of individuals and companies that require the development of skills and knowledge that are easily transferred to the workplace and result in the added value.
Consulting, Research & Small Business Assistance
Economic Analysis and Feasibility Studies
Management Training & Development
Accounting, Finance and Business Planning
Organization Analysis and Development
Human Resources Development
Market Analysis and Research
Information Systems and Management
New Venture Creation and Management
Job Evaluations
Executive Development & Management Training
General Certificate Courses
One-year Certificate Programme (BCMS)
Diploma in Management Studies (BDMS)
B. B. A. Programme
Post Graduate Training Programmes
Information Technology/Computer Training
IT Certification