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The Barbados Museum & Historical Society (BMHS) was established in 1933 by an Act of Parliament. The BMHS is housed in historic buildings which were originally used as the military prison at St. Ann's Garrison. The BMHS collection of over 500,000 artefacts, dating from prehistoric times through the 21st century, tells the story of the people of Barbados and preserves our history for future generations.


During the early part of this century several important collections of Amerindian material, including the Hudson and Taylor collections, formed the basis of the Museum's collections. Since its establishment in 1933, the Museum has become the centre for archaeological research on the island. In 1984, the Barbados Archaeological Survey was established in conjunction with the University of London (U.K.) to conduct an island survey and excavation of the pre-historic sites of Barbados. The excavations and collections have filled a gap in our knowledge of the island's pre-Columbian peoples and placed Barbadian material culture within the wider context of the pre-historic Caribbean tradition.

Caribbean Slave Trade Archives

The Slave Trade archive project has allowed for a glimpse into the archival holdings of repositories in the Caribbean Region to uncover documents relating to slavery, slave trade and the societies it created during its implementation as the primary source of labour in the creation of the Atlantic economy during the 17th - 19th centuries.

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The Barbados Museum offers captivating 19th century courtyards in a central location for any type of event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, a Christmas dinner, or a fashion show, the beautiful outdoor setting will exceed your expectations.

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