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Brush Cut Services Inc is a locally owned company which started business in 2003. Brush Cut Services Inc offers a range of land clearing services to home-owners, real estate agents and property management personnel. We are committed to providing sustainable, cost-effective methods of cleaning and maintaining land (inclusive of cow-itch infested areas) to ensure tidy surroundings and a healthy environment. We will be happy to advice in relation to your needs.

Brush Cut Services Inc keeping cleared in a more cost effective method than what was being used in the past, reducing cost & satisfying the health authority. Brush cutter cuts & mulches on site so nothing has to be carted away, which saves money and reduces waste going to the landfill. We give your lot a lawn like look instead of the standard mud finish.

The technique of Brush Cut Services Inc addresses the following health and safety issues like rodents, mosquitoes, African snails and cow itch vegetation and safety like thieves and rapists.

Brush Cut Services Inc treats every job and every customer the same, no matter how large or small the job is. Brush Cut Services Inc specialises in environmental clearing by setting industry standards providing quality service, dependable equipment, and experienced personnel. Brush Cut Services Inc is experienced in wetland conservation as well as military base property restoration and clearing.
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