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For over 20 years PCS has been integrating the products of leading manufactures such as AMX and Vantage Controls to provide solutions that automate Lighting, Music, Video, Security and Energy in a single room or throughout the entire property.

A user can control multiple components of their home or business from an easy to use touch panel, remote control, custom keypad, iPad, personal computer or any Smartphone. Imagine getting into bed every night and all you have to do is push a button to turn off all the lights, arm your security system and turn off the entertainment system. Lighting Control helps you to be energy efficient, it improves safety and security and creates moods to suit the occasion.

Safe guard your home with a security system and protect your family from the possibility of a burglar invading your home, destroying and taking your property or worse yet potentially harming you or a loved one.

With our Senior Monitoring the elderly can stay at home feeling assured that help is available at just the push of a button if needed because of a fall, intrusion, fire, burglary or Senior medical emergency our dispatchers stand ready to notify the relevant authorities.