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Coverley Medical Centre is a premier family care medical facility which is also fully equipped to provide urgent and emergency care.

Coverley Medical Centre is committed to providing comprehensive affordable emergency, urgent, and family oriented medical care by ensuring the highest quality trained staff, providing prompt and accurate diagnostic interventions to assist in speedy return to health, encouraging a culture of client and patient comfort and satisfaction catering to all health needs of Barbadians and visitors alike. Coverley Medical Centre ensures that all patients receive our attention in a timely manner. Coverley Medical Centre has the added convenience of Healthsmart Pharmacy and Coverley Diagnostic Services on site for X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammography services.

Coverley Medical Centre live by our slogan, Your health, Our Passion and as such we like to encourage you with our health tips.

Exercise has many benefits
It helps with control of blood sugar, blood pressure, relieves stress, and affords one a feeling of good health. Both resistance exercise, (e.g. weight training) and aerobic exercise (e.g. running) are important.

Resistance exercise is important for maintaining healthy body composition, strength, healthy insulin levels and bone density.
Aerobic exercise helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

More and more experts are realising that consistency is more important than intensity so adopt and maintain a consistent exercise regime.