DMR Psychological Solutions

Helping to Unleash your Unique Abilities
Hours Open
Monday to Thursday8:30 am 3:00 pm
Alternate Saturday8:00 am 2:00 pm By Appointment
Chancellor Hse Pinfold St St Michael Barbados246-419-9901
Driving Directions
DMR Psychological Solutions assists you in meeting the individual and organizational goals.

DMR Psychological Solutions provides the following services to children, adults and organizations:-

Psychological Assessments
Assessment of Cognitive Function
Assessment of Behavioural/Emotional Functioning
Comprehensive Assessment
Behavioural Management (Children & Adolescents)
Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Conducts Problems
School and Other Adjustments Difficulties
Managing Self-Harm
Loss and Grief
Anxiety & Depression
Academic Management (Children & Adolescents)
Reading & Listening Comprehension
Mathematical, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Attention & Concentration
Organization & Planning
Group Therapy & Skill Building Programs
Summer Learning Adventures
Building Interpersonal Skills among Young People
Assertiveness Skills & Dealing with Conflict
Stress Management Skills
Anger Management
Social Skills Training
Anxiety & Depression Therapy (Adults)
Depression & Anxiety
Relationship Difficulties
Parent Skills Training
Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation
Career & Vocational Guidance
Substance Use Interventions
Corporate Services
Employee Assistance Programs
Crisis Intervention
Planning for Retirement
Managing Stress
Employee Interpersonal Relationships and Training & Self Development.

Assessment; Counselling; Training; Promoting Healthy Families
Private & Home Tutors
Common Entrance Preparation
CXC CSEC Mathematics
University Mathematics & Statistics
Electronic Resources
Primary Mathematics
Language Arts
Comprehension & Composition Skills
Psychological assessments
Assessment of cognitive functioning
Assessment of behavioural / emotional functioning
Comprehensive assessment (including those accompanying fire arm applications)
Behavioural management
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), conduct problems
School and other adjustments difficulties
Managing self-harm
Loss and grief
Anxiety and depression
Academic management (children & adolescents)
Reading and listening comprehension
Mathematical reasoning
Problem solving
Attention and concentration
Organisation and planning
Group therapy & skill building programs
Attention and concentration
Organisation and planning
Group therapy & skill building programs including (children & adolscents)
Summer learning adventures
Building interpersonal skills among young people
Assertiveness skills and dealing with conflict
Stress management skills
Anger management
Social skills training
Anxiety and depression
Therapy (adults)
Depression and anxiety
Relationship difficulties
Parent skills training
Alternative dispute resolution / meditation
Career and vocational guidance
Substance use intervention
Family therapy
Intervention workshops
Teachers / caregivers
Employee assistance programs
Crisis intervention
Planning for retirement
Managing stress
Employee interpersonal relationship
Training and self development seminars