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Driving Directions
Gajah Home Inc knows how complex and demanding your workplace needs can be
however, everything we do is grounded in making the process seamless to our clients and yours.

We approach your needs, as you would, from a strategic perspective by aligning sustainability, ROI, budgets, deadlines, space requirements and other key factors that will influence your office needs and purchasing. We will help you plan, source, install and maintain your investment.

But it's not really what we do
it's how we do it. Our goal is to create strong relationships - both with our manufacturing partners and you, our clients. Our approach is proactive, we identify and address issues before they arise. This attention to detail and personal attention means you can count on us as your go-to company.

It's simple! Gajah Office, our full-scale office design business segment, offers a comprehensive range of office furniture. From home offices to commercial enterprises. We combine our world-renowned products with our unmatched knowledge of Barbados and the wider Caribbean to create practical, functional work environment solutions. Enabling us to translate how you work in the right space for you or your organization.

Proud to have roots in Barbados and even prouder to service the greater Caribbean, our in-depth local and regional experience allows us to know how the market has grown and changed. In essence, we've seen where it's been and we know where it's going.
Hardwood furniture, Outdoor furniture, accessories, soft furnishings
Furniture and home accessories sales
Private supplier with proven track record for quality brands