Barbados Agricultural Development & Marketing Corporation (BADMC)
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Princess Alice Highway Barbados427-5250
Fax 428-0152
Chief Executive Officer 428-1743
Barbados Defence Force
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Force Headquarters & The Barbados
St Ann's Fort
Garrison Barbados
PABX 436-6185
Or 436-6186
Barbados Port Inc
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University Row Barbados
University Row Barbados
PBX All Depts 434-6100
Fax Chief Executive Officer 429-5348
Fax Terminal Operations 436-7587
Barbados Vocational Training Board
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Lawrence Green House
Culloden Road Barbados
PBX 621-2882
Fax 621-2908
Director of Training 621-2883
Assistant Director (Administration) 621-2885
Electrical Engineering Department
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Verona House
Bank Hall Barbados
Chief Electrical Officer 426-3940
Dep Chief Electrical Officer 426-3984
Inspections 426-6300
Or 426-6346
Schools Colleges & Institutions
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Alexandra School
Principal Office 422-2265
Or 422-2561
Guidance Counsellor 422-0506
Staff Room 422-2210
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