Innogen Technologies Inc

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Driving Directions
We offer affordable solar electricity, utilising the best in class direct grid tied micro inverter technologies, combined with real time energy monitoring - the Innogen 5000 solar system solution. With this solution you will reduce your energy consumption through our equipment which facilitates energy efficient behavioural patterns

You will also become your own energy producer of electricity through the solar system which can be modelled for any customised needs. Our service caters to the domestic and commercial markets within the Caribbean - from taking small steps to reducing energy costs, to complete independent grid tied solutions and all the stages in between.
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Solar Energy Consultation
We are able to provide a full range of consultative services from problem definition and solving, to design and development of innovative solutions, through to project management and implementation. It is important to note that innovation not only has to do with the product, but the process, the implementation, the strategy and the outcome.
Energy Audits
The energy audit is a critical step in becoming energy efficient and ultimately energy independent. It will enable you to have a clear picture of where you are using the most energy and what can be done to reduce your energy consumption, therefore reducing your electricity bill.
LED Lighting
Innogen offers LED lighting as part of its efficiency strategy, replacing fluorescent tubes will save 50% on lighting. We issue a five year warranty on LED lighting.