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Based in Barbados, the gem of the Caribbean, Market Insight serves the Caribbean region through a network of research associates. Hence we conduct multi-island projects simultaneously for our clients. In addition, for international clients, Market Insight has the capacity to extend into the United States of America, South and Central America and Europe through other very experienced associates.


Market Insight is a full service provider of both Qualitative and Quantitative research studies. Qualitative research provides in-depth exploration and understanding into the behaviors and motivations of the customer and the associations and meanings the customer gives to products and brands. This is accomplished through Focus Groups and In-depth interviews. Quantitative research uses structured questionnaires to collect statistically large samples of data from the population. This is accomplished through Intercepts, Household surveys and Business surveys either face-to-face or via telephone.

Market Analysis:

Understanding the market is where it starts: our Market Analysis answers the foundational questions: What do people want or need and why do they have those needs? What do they do and why do they do it? This will allow you to discover the underlying attitudes that influence behavior. Within that discovery lies the opportunities for gap identification and analysis, market segmentation, product innovation, sales, brand building and profitability.

Market Segmentation:

The marketing concept calls for understanding customers and profitably satisfying their needs better than the competition. But not all customers have identical needs and it is rarely possible to satisfy all customers by treating them alike.

The purpose for segmenting a market is to identify and classify subgroups of the market so as to better tailor products/services, pricing and communications to match customer needs, thereby insuring the highest returfor your marketing expenditures.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Studies:

Our Customer Loyalty Studies allow you to:

Understand customer needs and expectations and the extent to which current products/services fulfill them.
Set standards to meet customer needs and expectations
Identify and eliminate customer dissatisfaction stemming from unfulfilled needs and expectations
Proactively communicate with customers on a regular basis and track satisfaction
Undertake a competitive assessment
Ultimately create customer loyalty to your brand

Branding and Communication:

We understand that the success of your brand depends on making accurate decisions during the product life cycle, from the earliest stages of innovation through the maturing of your brand.

Understanding branding means knowing how consumers attitudes, feelings and beliefs about a brand impact their behavior. As a brand owner, you need to know how consumers view your brand today and how they will view it in the future.

Successful brands are both dynamic and differentiated, i.e. they evolve to effectively and profitably meet the changing needs of consumers while at the same time clearly demonstrating points of differentiation that are meaningful to consumers. Successful brands also connect with consumers not only functionally but also emotionally and aspirationally.

We therefore provide you with the means to measure the health of your brand(s) and develop optimal positioning and communication.

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