P A Marketing Solutions Inc

Solutions Based/Target Driven
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Monday to Friday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Chancery Ln Christ Church Barbados246-250-4120
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P.A. Marketing Solutions Inc has been conceptualised from 2006 and is a registered entity under the ‘Registration of Business Names Act, Chapter 317’ with ‘Corporate Affairs/Intellectual Property Office’ St. Michael. The business was born out of the need to effectively market business entities, that either were now coming into the corporate world or has been actively involved in some measure of time, be it three (3) months or more and needs to have more than a branded image, but one that spells corporate identity as well as profitability, through greater:

1. Greater Visibility via incorporation of various professional mediums.
2. Consultancy Services through current up to date research on market trends, practices and innovations.
3. Execution of programs, events, promotions and education to effectively maximise the first two points into a strategic and timely market explosion of exponential growth.

With this all around approach P.A. Marketing Solutions Inc seeks to with time and effort
that its clients would become exponentially profitable and in their local, regional and or international communities and be known as a household name, by commanding the thought processes of their current clientele and prospective clientele.
The main services of P.A. Marketing Solutions Inc are:
1. Corporate Branding/Niche Branding
2. Market & Product Research
3. Proposal Building (For the Purposes of Investors/Bank Funding)
4. Business Marketing (Mainstream & Social Mediums)
5. Business Consulting
6. Media and Marketing Productions
7. Export Solutions (Expansion of Services and Products to Regional or International Markets)
8. Cross Over Selling (Having commercial success for a product or service that can be used commercially other than its intended use.)