S E Trading

Hours Open
Monday8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Tuesday to Saturday8:30 am - 4:30 pm
1 School Rd St Barnabas St Michael Barbados246-427-4238
S E Trading was established in 1996 to supply flowers and floral accessories as there was a need for the availability of oasis and other floral supplies and S E Trading was the only company in Barbados providing these floral supplies at that time.

In addition to the floral supplies, S E Trading has also expanded and now offers a wide range of beautiful glass and decorative vases, bed and bath supplies, Christmas decorations, straw baskets and wedding accessories for whole sale and retail use. Choose from many beautiful, colourful accessories to beautiful your home, office or surroundings.
Cash Accepted
Find Floral Supplies, Oasis, Floral Tape, Moss, a Wide Selection of Colourful Ribbon, Floral Design Wire and Rose Petals.
Choose a lovely hand crafted basket for your flower girl, one to fill with gifts for a loved one's birthday, or with get well goodies, rose petals, or exquisite flowers for that special someone in your life. You may even find that wonderful picnic basket for your memorable outings with family and friends.
Select from an array of beautiful decorative vases, including ceramic, glass, coppe and colourful centre piece bowls, vase fillers, water pearls in selected colours and glass vase gems.
Surround yourself with beautiful decorative accessories to add a touch of elegance and joy while relaxing in the comfort of your home.