Se-Sash Logistics Corp

The Skill of Bringing It All Together
Gladstonia Bldg F'belle St Michael Barbados246-435-5165
We offer first-class customer service, quick response time and follow-up.

SE-SASH LOGISTICS CORP. was formed in 2007 in response to the growing need for efficient, reliable logistics planning for the business community.

Other support services including customs clearance are available.

At Se-Sash we boast an ensemble of operators who are professional, competent, highly trained, and have a wealth of experience.

We can ensure that all of your logistical needs are met on time, every time.

Our fleet is capable of meeting all of our clients' logistical needs
any excess generated/garnered [seasonal] would be absorbed by our partners and managed by us to ensure the same quality and reliability of service.

Innovative, cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions using highly trained professional staff with well maintained modern equipment to guarantee satisfactory completion of all jobs.

With a fleet of Fifth-wheel units and trailer units fully equipped with the requisite apparatus, we ensure the safe haulage of full and empty containers during both day and night.

We service general shipments as well as the most hazardous cargo from our sea and air ports to be delivered anywhere on the island.

Innovative; Cost effective logistics solutions; Well maintained modern equipment; fully equipped with the requisite apparatus
Containerized Service
Hiab (capable of lifting up to 20 tonnes)
Stuffing & unstuffing of containers
Hammer lift & Forklift services
Containerized Service
Stuffing and unstuffing services