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The Thomas Peirce Bldg Lr Cmore Rk St Michael Barbados246-426-3825
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Founded in 1995 by Dr. David Homer and Ms. Fun Yuet Wong-Homer, The Wellness Center has been a leader in alternative medicine in Barbados for many years. We strive to empower individuals through sound education and correct direction as there is no better prescription for health than knowledge.

“Beloved I wish above all things that you will prosper in health and be in health even as they soul prospers. (but) My people are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” ~ 3 John:2 / Hosea 4:6.

During a journey of personal growth, Dr. Homer came to develop an understanding of true health and wellness, and the pathway to optimizing health and preventing disease. These principles have been responsible for the total recovery from Dr. Homer's major illnesses. It is upon the principles of optimizing health, maximizing life and restoring disease to create balance and harmony within that The Wellness Center was founded, to empower others with the knowledge and responsibility for their bodies. The Wellness Center offers wholistic (physical, mental, spiritual) lifestyle programs customized to the unique needs of the individual, understanding that everyone is uniquely different.
Our services include:

Clinical Nutritional Microscopy

Biofeedback Therapy

Low-Level Laser


Ozone Sauna Therapy

Body Composition Analysis

Cleansing Detoxifier & Regenerator Program

Weight Management Program

Natural Clinically Advanced Herbal Supplements from our Health Store